We are not interested in simply running ministry programs.  Rather, we are focused on multiplying disciples who are on mission to neighborhoods and nations.  This means we intentionally seek to organize our church (including our ministry programs) in such a way that space is provided for relational discipleship.  It is in the context of relationships that Kingdom living and ministry is imparted from one disciple to another.  

In addition to ministry programs, we provide smaller gatherings - called missional communities - where people can build deeper relationships, be on mission together, learn the Word, pray together, and grow in ministry skills.  Additionally, we involve men and women in discipleship huddles - intentional smaller groups designed to develop leadership capacity in disciples.

A critical part of discipleship is also learning deeper from God's Word.  This is why we take several opportunities each week for biblical teaching aimed at transformation of our lives.  In addition to preaching times during our Sunday Worship Gatherings, we also have classes for all ages each Sunday prior to worship beginning at 9:30 AM.